Prepare for a world of global communication!

Paris Opera 2011

Ready for a European adventure of a lifetime that offers media education coupled with rich cultural experience?

We’ll travel to three of Europe’s media capitals—London, Paris, and Milan. You’ll meet new friends and become a foreign correspondent, documenting the global impact of new media technologies as they permanently change communication within and between cultures.

We’ll go inside more than a dozen global news and media organizations to learn about how they handle strategic communication and news coverage in this new social media landscape. Visits include the BBC, The Guardian and The Economist Magazine in London and Bloomberg and CNN in Paris, for exposure to the highest levels of journalism and public relations as well as local culture, for an experience unlike anything you’ll encounter in the United States.

Led by Cronkite Global Initiatives Director, Dr. Bill Silcock and Dr. Dawn Gilpin, this program offers a unique blend of hands-on reporting and strategic communication experience abroad and behind-the-scenes look at Europe’s—and the world’s—most influential media institutions. Past Cronkite Euro students reporting on-line, TV, and print stories can be seen online here.

More details coming soon!

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