Cronkite Euro 2014 Program

This year, for the first time, the Cronkite Euro program will have a dual focus: comparative media systems, and intercultural strategic communication & social media. The combination will offer students an intensive, immersive experience in the cultural aspects that shape media communication, as well as applied practice in working with media in a global environment.

For more details on the course content, see the Curriculum page.

The 2014 program will visit three destination cities:



& Milan

The media systems and communication cultures of England, France and Italy provide a fascinating set of contrasts and comparisons, and are sure to make for a trip that is both intellectually stimulating and fun.


The program fee for summer 2014 is $6,995. This figure includes:

  • 6 ASU credits
  • some group meals
  • group activities & cultural events
  • travel between Milan, Paris, and London
  • local transportation passes
  • health insurance


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