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The 2014 Cronkite Euro program offers six college credits through two interconnected courses over an intensive three-week period of study, plus modules prior to departure and after returning from Europe.

You learn as you make site visits to the BBC, The Guardian, Bloomberg Paris and Public Relations firms.   You interview, shoot, edit, produce and post to a daily blog. You learn firsthand how social media has greatly changed the ways in which these institutions serve society and engage stakeholders across the globe

MCO498 Europe’s Major News Outlets

  • Media ownership and news economic models
  • Ethical and legal issues in European journalism coverage including the differences with privacy laws and terrorism coverage

MCO591 Intercultural Communication & Strategic Social Media

This is a survey course looking at intercultural communication patterns, practices and policies from public relations and strategic communication firms across Europe. Students will have readings, lectures, and opportunities to speak with strategic communication experts in each city, to understand the connections between local culture and communication practices. They will be challenged to:

  • Learn the basics of social media;
  • Learn the fundamental principles of intercultural and strategic communication;
  • Compare and contrast social media usage in the different countries;
  • Investigate different conceptions and legal definitions of privacy, copyright, and data ownership;
  • Reflect on the influence of local culture and news media systems on personal and professional communication practices


All students must enroll in both classes.

Details will be added to the course description pages, so be sure to check back.

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